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The Feet For Life Centers have been servicing the St. Louis area since 1990. Under the direction of Dr. Michael Horwitz, a board certified foot surgeon, the Feet For Life Centers are one of the largest podiatry practices in the Midwest with well over 300 patient encounters a month per doctor. The practice covers all aspects of foot and ankle treatment. The Mid County Surgery Center is our on site state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center located at the new Delmar University City location.

Doctor Horwitz also heads the Heel Pain Center of the Midwest which treats all forms of heel pain and consistently improves the quality of life for many patients who have failed with treatment plans created by other professionals. Dr. Horwitz has provided patients all over the world with free advice on how to care for common forms of heel pain.

Feet For Life Centers is also very well known for attention to cosmetic detail with procedures designed to correct hammertoe and bunion deformity in a manor that has redefined a patient's aesthetic expectations. See our before and after section.

A very important new article has just been released by Dr. Horwitz regarding the pros and cons of orthotics and expensive athletic shoes. This is a must read! This entertaining and informative article touches on the new Barefoot revolution started by Christopher McDougall with his best selling book "Born to Run".

CleanSpaFeet For Life has raised the bar for the manicure/pedicure profession with CleanSpa – Feet for Life is addressing the concerns of infection due to less than ideal practices in the nail salon industry. "Many places do not realize they are putting their clients at risk for contracting these infections." says Dr. Michael Horwitz, Medical Director of Feet for Life Podiatry and CleanSpa. "After seeing these issues in my podiatry practice for years, I realized the need in the market for a spa dedicated to health and beauty."Dr. Horwitz, also owner of the AAAHC certified, MidCounty Surgery Center, has had decades of experience in managing optimum treatment environments. Every inch of CleanSpa was carefully planned out. The details are evident, from the sterilization room with its UV baceria detecting lights, to the custom built manicure tables designed for effective dust extraction and air purification.

Feet For Life Motion Center
Feet For Life Motion CenterThe profession of podiatry studies the causes and effects of foot injuries and then provides treatment to heal these injuries. We now know that the wearing of traditional footwear and the widespread use of orthotics actually causes some foot problems. This is due to the weakening of the intrinsic muscles and a reduction in the natural range of motion of the joints and Achilles tendon. What was once thought to be a standard of care is now being questioned everyday as more people discover the advantages of minimal footwear and gait retraining. The foot is the base of the major kinetic chain in the body, so small improvements at this level can have positive effects throughout the body.

Gait analysis is used to study human locomotion, specifically walking and running. To determine and improve movement patterns we use two different computerized programs, augmented by cameras and careful observation to accurately measure body movements, body mechanics, and the activity of the muscles to assess overall health, muscle weakness, and biomechanical consistency. After interpreting the data we can then identify posture-related or movement-related problems in individuals who have injuries or inefficient movement patterns. Finally, we assess, plan, and treat each individual to alleviate the conditions that are affecting his/her ability to walk or run correctly. As with all of our treatments, our goal is to improve your overall quality of life.

LifeWave Technology Group
LifeWave Technology Group
For years now, Dr. Horwtiz has sought out technologies that really work to improve conditions without extensive surgery or unnecessary cortisone injections. Recognizing that Diabetic neuropathy is being way over treated with drug therapy, he formed the LifeWave Technology Group. The group consists of specialists from all medical areas that share the same vision – Find what works for patients and use less drug therapies. For patients with Neuropathy, tendonitis and heel pain, this is a MUST VISIT SITE.

Get the Facts: Toenail Fungus


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